Collaborating for Lancaster’s Common Good

We foster a thriving Lancaster through community-engaged research and partnerships. Join us!

Funded by a grant from the Endeavor Foundation, the Center for Sustained Engagement with Lancaster was created to be a catalyst for change and connect engaged community members like you with the academic resources of F&M, so we can tackle local challenges together. We’re rooted in research and centered on collaboration, because it takes both to put theory into practice and create a positive impact.

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Poverty & Social Inequality

Poverty and inequality isn’t an easy issue to tackle. It puts a lot of pressure on individuals and our community as a whole. Learn how we’re collaborating with partners to create meaningful change.
How We’re Changing Inequality

Environmental Sustainability

We know sustainability plays a key role in making Lancaster a better place to live. But what does it look like to take action? See how we’re working with partners to take those steps.
How We’re Aiding Sustainability

Social Practice& Community-Based Art

Visual art goes beyond what meets the eye. It’s a means to communicate and inspire change. Learn how we’re supporting our partners to change Lancaster with their creativity.
How We’re Fostering Art

Meet The Faces Behind The Center

Hear more about the various projects CSEwL supports directly from the members in our community involved with them.

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See How Our Work Together Is Measuring Up

Interested in learning about how the community of Lancaster is being affected? Dive into the data we’ve collected along with our partners to measure the growth of our city and county as a way to inform how we can continue making a positive impact.