Environmental Sustainability
In Lancaster, PA

When we talk about environmental sustainability, there’s a lot more to it than what we see at face value. This area of research looks at how environmental, economic, and social interactions are tied together. Collaborations between F&M and the community looking to positively impact natural resources and access to nature for all who live in Lancaster.

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“It is our mission to make composting accessible to every resident of Lancaster. We aim to create high quality compost, which will yield social, economic, and environmental benefits for all Lancaster’s residents. “

-Eve Bratman and Antonia Hinnenkamp

Environmental Sustainability Project Summaries

Democratic Practices for City Planning

Stephen Medvic and Douglas Smith
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Making Composting Accessible

Eve Bratman and Antonia Hinnenkamp
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The Ecological and Economic Benefits of Stream Restoration

Dorothy Merritts, Robert Walter, and Patrick Fleming
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