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COVID-19 Impact in Lancaster County

Collaborative Research Partnership

CSEwL and United Way of Lancaster County  partnered to work on a project to assess the health, social, and economic impacts of COVID-19 in Lancaster County. This multidisciplinary study covered the fields of economics, government, public health, sociology, epidemiology, and language learning, and has been designed by the following F&M College researchers:

This assessment was performed through two rounds of surveys by F&M’s Center for Opinion Research. The first round of surveys ran through October 2020 and the second round of surveys ran through March 2021.

Questions/inquiries? Contact

Ramon Escudero, Director of F&M’s Center for Sustained Engagement with Lancaster, CSEwL, or (717)

Kevin M. Ressler, President and CEO of United Way of Lancaster County, or 717-824-8